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The children’s park  is undoubtedly the most visited area by the little ones. It has a sledge, swings, a spring rider, a sandy ground for kids and houses where to hide.

They can peek curiously in the farmyard to see how the hens, pheasants and partridges live together. Mind you…”León” the rooster is the star.

The little stone house close to the country house is the game room, There is no age for it, everyone can play! Enjoy long hours with snooker, table football and table tennis.

The barbecue is a must. There are two, one that corresponds to Cal Miralles and another one to Mas Baruls.

If you are in one of the two apartments you have your own barbecue and you can enjoy a meal outside with total privacy. Each family has its independent space.
If it is a 30 people group we can supply garden furniture so you can eat all together.

As soon as the weather permits it, we prepare the swimming pool so you can have a good splash (usually from April to October). It measures 10 x 5m and there is a protection fence to access the bathing area. Out of season we cover it and it cannot be used.

There is a path that leads you to the picnic area which goes into the forest. It is ideal for a snack, games and celebrations.

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