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A place for history– November 2019

We would like to dedicate a place for history, in these days when life runs faster and faster. We would like to remember our ancestors to whom we have not met, but no less important. We want to share feelings, anecdotes and curiosities that allow us to look back and understand many things.

We cannot think of no better way to do it that begin by talking about our great-great- grandparents, Andreu Miralles, born in 1835, and Maria Gaspar, in 1847.

They were a hard-working couple who dedicated all their lives to the field and to raise their 6 siblings.

We love to have these old images to share with you.

Grandpa Andreu with his barretina (traditional Catalan hat) and the skin tanned by the sun…Who would have told him that we would have a swimming pool in Miralles!!!

Grandma Maria was a multi-tasking person, without the conveniences we have nowadays, a tireless fighter.

In short, a typical family adapted to the time they happened to live.

A family, the Miralles family.

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